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Natural English learning

Language is social. We have developed language as a species to communicate with others, exchange ideas and concepts and convey information. There is no point in speaking if there is nobody else to listen, so we learn and develop any language in a context of social interaction, especially our mother tongue. We master our first language by listening to other people and absorbing what we would later call vocabulary, grammar, semantics and prosodics among other elements. 

It is reasonable to say that learning any language other than our mother tongue should follow the same process. It is in interaction with other speakers or writers that we truly develop our language skills. So if you want to learn English, the best way to do it is to interact with people who are already proficient in the language, so you can learn from them when you exchange words and talk to them. 

In most cases, the proficient person you interact with is your teacher. Of course, native teachers will be the best model for your language because they will have the perfect entonation, pronunciation and use of words. However, it is even better to be in contact with many different people who are native speakers of that language, so you become familiar with its use. It gets even better when those people are aware that you're learning and try to help, correcting your mistakes and explaining in a didactic way what you don't understand.

Immersion courses in the United Kingdom

Immersion courses are designed to maximize learning and optimize outcome quality by focusing on the interaction of students with native speakers in a natural environment. In other words, you travel to a country where they speak the language you want to learn, and interact with locals in a series of wisely chosen situations, so you are exposed to the real use of the language and challenged to response with the same language. You practice and constantly receive feedback from native speakers in real life situations. Just as you do when you learn your first language.

There are quite a few countries where English is the main tongue, but many choose the United Kingdom for an immersion experience since this is the cradle of the English language. Withing the Kingdom, there are many countries with their own unique culture and heritage, and their very typical dialects. And since immersion experiences are not only about learning languages but also getting in contact with the people, the culture, and the places of that country, people choose the destination they like the most for their courses. For example, if you are interested in the Irish culture or heritage, you could look for language schools in Belfast or Dublin that offer the possibility of an immersion experience, like Totally English, or just go to a regular course and then travel around a bit interacting with people by yourself. Of course, singing up for a complete immersive experience is better since you will have teachers all day to guide you and help you with your learning.

Business English courses and immersion experiences

It isn't uncommon to consider immersion experiences for specialized English courses like Business English. However, we do believe that immersion can highly potentiate any language learning process, and professional English is no exception. You just need to find the right context for your immersion experience to take place.

Traditional business English classes tend to isolate learners from the contexts where their Business English will be used. Classrooms are a quite place where you can focus on new contents, but not where you will speak in a business situation, so conditions aren't the same. Immersion courses with a business approach are the best way to learn English for business, especially if you already have a strong base of language skills. Schools with the best approaches will offer you experiences of real interaction with other businesspeople, like business meetings, interviews and interactions with partners or clients who are native speakers of the English language.

Proficiency in a business environment isn't just important because of how fundamental the English language has become for business growth and for establishing fruitful relationships with partners, suppliers and clients. It is also a critical asset for you in a business environment. As you should already know, the business world has become competitive and only the best can succeed, so improving strategic skills will make your resume more appealing for potential promotions or new jobs, as well as impressing potential clients and partners for your activities. Make sure you find the best Business English course with an immersion approach.

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