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Are you looking to enhance your knowledge regarding the current practices in business and insurance? You are at the right place because we here are at Business and Insurance School provide short courses, trainings and seminars for people wanting to know more about the field of finance and insurance. Whether you are new to the field and want to gather information about it before entering the market or have been working in the field and want to get up to date knowledge, we have everything to fulfil your requirements!

Our courses not only cover the basics of finance, business and insurance, we want the participants in our courses to know about the current instruments used in the fields of insurance and finance. This will help them make better decisions in case they are looking for investment options or if they are looking to apply the knowledge in their business. So what are you waiting for, contact us immediately so that we can help you join the course or training that is most suitable for your purpose!

Our Distinguishing Features

Practical Knowledge

We know the importance of theories and realize without an understanding of the core concepts of a field it is very difficult to understand it at all. This is the reason we explain core concepts, but our major focus is on practical knowledge which can be used by our students and participants in making better decisions about their businesses and investments. This is the reason we arrange training for different fields in addition to courses related to finance and insurance.  

 Full range of Courses

The courses taught at Business and Insurance School cover the complete range of topics in the field of business and insurance. Some of the significant topics covered in our courses include investment planning, life insurance, savings plans, equity release, mortgages, pension planning, income protection and a lot more. In this way we ensure that all currently used practices are known to our students. 

 High Quality Faculty

We know that in order to train our students to become better decision makers in the field of insurance and finance, they must learn their trade from high quality professors. In addition to having a faculty to highly qualified professors, our seminars and trainings are also conducted by some of the most successful businessmen and executives in the field of finance and business.

 Practical Advice

Our staff is very helpful and co-operative. The faculty members are always ready to advice any incoming student or person about the courses which would be best suited to their interests. Before advising students, we first ask them to tell what they are looking to gain from taking a course or training!

Important Financial and Insurance Products

Here is a brief explanation of some of the most used financial and insurance products in business:

Equity Release

Equity release is a way of unlocking the potential equity of your home or any other valued object while still having its ownership. The price of unlocking the equity potential in the present will have to be paid in future. 

Pension Plan

It is a type of investment in which a certain amount is contributed by the employer and is invested such that benefits can be reaped by the employee after retirement.

Life Assurance

Life assurance is a contract between an assurance provider and a beneficiary. According to the contract, the insured person gets a lump sum amount for a premium payment. 

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The place to find out how business, finance and insurance works!

Enhance your knowledge regarding the current practices in business and insurance!

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